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About this platform

We are using the Mobypicture technology to share our social stories.

We think that while sharing our adventures, we should use the exposure for our own causes. We create content and why should advertisers or technology companies reap the benefits of that instead of me (read more about the technology here).

This TagTheLove platform also lets you experience the #SBCAmsterdam adventure together with me. How?

There are a lot of ways to share with Mobypicture. You can You can install one of Moby's apps, select Mobypicture in the settings of your favorite Twitter app or use Moby Instant which lets you post directly to this website. Besides mobile pictures you can also share photos, video and audio on the platform. Just login with your Twitter account or sign up.

Always share with #SBCAmsterdam

Always share your posting (Tweet or Moby) with #SBCAmsterdam otherwise your content isn't visible on this platform.

If you are logged in, you can comment on photos - or upload photos, videos and audio with our shoutbox. Whatever you're sharing is immediately posted on your connected services (for comments, it's Twitter and Facebook, for the shoutbox you can post to many more services).


1. Save your Moby email address in your phonebook as a contact. So you can share your postings easy and quickly just by sending them to your personal address.

2. From your PC or MAC, you can easily share with the Mobypicture Desktop app (works with Adobe AIR). Download here.

3. You can use the SBC Amsterdam Instant app to post photos directly from your mobile phone to all your social sites and this platform. Just point your mobile to http://now.startupbootcamp.org/instant.

4. There are many ways you can use Mobypicture to share your adventures to all your social sites. Here you find a list!

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